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Alternative/Indie Rock Grunge & Brit Pop vinyl records in Diskultura

artist title format Style media_condition sleeve_condition цена
30 Seconds To Mars Love Lust Faith + Dreams (NM) (NM) 645
Adam Green Jacket Full Of Danger LP Indie (NM) (NM) 475 грн
Admiral Black Phantasmagoric LP, Album Indie /Brit Pop (NM) (NM) 345 грн
Arcade Fire The Suburbs 2xLP, Album Indie Mint (NM) 735 гр
Azita How Will You? LP Indie / Post Rock (VG+) (VG+) 295 грн
Babylon Zoo Animal Army 12" Alternative Rock (VG+) (VG+) 165 грн
Beady Eye Different Gear, Still Speeding 2xLP, Album, Ltd Brit Pop (VG+) (VG+) 595 грн
Beck Mellow Gold (NM/NM) 795 грн
Bees, The Every Step's A Yes LP, Album Post Rock/Indie (VG+) (VG+) 435 грн
Birdland 2) Paradise 12", Single Indie /Brit Pop (VG+) (VG) 99)
Blur Parklife LP, Album, Unofficial, Yel Brit Pop (NM) (NM) 675 грн
Blur The Magic Whip 2xLP, Album Brit Pop Mint (NM) 995 грн
Blur — Leisure (LP, Album, RP, 180) Mint Mint 645 грн
Critical Mass In Deepest Rebound 12" Indie (VG+) (VG+) 135 гр
CUD When In Rome, Kill Me LP, Album Indie /Brit Pop (VG+) (VG+) 245 гр
Dance Inc., The Legs And Arms LP, Album Indie (VG+) (VG+) 225 гр
Electronic Vivid 12", Single Indie (VG+) (VG+) 175 гр
EMF It's You 12", Promo Brit Pop / Madchester (VG+) - 125 грн
Envelopes I Don't Even Know Remix 12", S/Sided, Etch Indie / Post Rock (NM) (NM) 135 грн
Farm, The Spartacus 12", EP Indie /Brit Pop (VG+) - 99 гр
Filter Dose 12", Promo Alternative Rock (VG+) - 175 грн
Filter The Sun Comes Out Tonight LP Alternative Rock (NM) (NM) 435 грн
Foundation 8) Chimborazo LP, Album Indie / Folk (VG+) (VG+) 275 грн
Gorillaz Gorillaz (M/M) 695 грн
High Strung, The Moxie Bravo LP, Album, RE Indie (VG+) (VG+) 295 гр
Hot Toddies Get Your Heart On LP Indie / Post Rock (NM) (NM) 235 грн
Ian McNabb Go Into The Light 12", Ltd, Num, Blu Indie /Brit Pop (VG+) (VG+) 165 гр
Jane's Addiction The Great Escape Artist LP, Album Alternative Rock (NM) (NM) 545 грн
Killers, The Sam's Town LP, Album, Ltd, Pic Indie / Brit Pop (NM) (NM) 575 грн
Kissaway Trail, The Beat Your Heartbeat 12", Maxi, Ora Indie / Post Rock (NM) (VG+) 225 грн
Les Has-Beens Kraftwerquent 12", MiniAlbum Indie (NM) (NM) 395 гр
Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids Coke And Sodomy Vol. 1 LP, Pic, Album, Unofficial Alternative Rock (NM) (NM) 375 грн
Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids Coke And Sodomy Vol. 2 LP, Pic, Album, Unofficial Alternative Rock (NM) (NM) 375 грн
MGMT MGMT LP, Album, 180 Indie (NM) (NM) 545 гр
More Than Conquerors Everything I've Learnt LP, Album, Ele Alternative Rock (NM) (NM) 335 грн
Oasis 2) I'm Outta Time (Remixes) 7", Single Indie /Brit Pop (VG+) (VG+) 175 гр
Pet Lamb Sweaty Handshake LP, Album, Promo + Ltd Brit Pop (VG) - 145 грн
Pit Er Pat The Flexible Entertainer LP, Album Indie /Brit Pop (NM) (NM) 265 гр
Placebo Placebo LP, Album, Unofficial Alternative Rock (NM) (VG+) 585 грн
Pop Will Eat Itself Karmadrome / Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me, Kill Me 12", Pic Alternative Rock (VG+) (VG+) 195 грн
Queens Of The Stone Age ...Like Clockwork 2×12", Album Alternative Rock Mint (NM) 745 грн
Rage Against The Machine — Evil Empire (LP, Album, RE, 180) NM/NM 695 грн
Radiohead In Rainbows LP, Album Indie Mint (NM) 695 гр
Radiohead The King Of Limbs LP, Album Indie Mint (NM) 695 гр
Regular Fries Big Bang 12" Indie (VG+) (VG+) 155 гр
Richard Ashcroft Money To Burn 12", Single Brit Pop (VG+) (VG+) 225 грн
Richard Ashcroft & United Nations Of Sound, The United Nations Of Sound 2xLP, Album, Gat Brit Pop (NM) (NM) 595 грн
Sonic Youth Sonic Youth LP, Album, Unofficial Indie (NM) (NM) 545 гр
Starsailor On The Outside LP Brit Pop (NM) (NM) 295 грн
Suede Bloodsports LP, Album, Gat Brit Pop (NM) (NM) 575 грн
Swans My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky LP, Album, RE Alternative Rock Mint (NM) 875 грн
Tender Trap Dansette Dansette LP Indie / Post Rock (NM) (NM) 285 грн
Ugly Kid Joe America's Least Wanted LP, Album Grunge (VG+) (VG+) 545 грн
Urban Dance Squad Mental Floss For The Globe LP, RE, 180 Grunge (NM) (NM) 365 грн
Urge Overkill Positive Bleeding 12" Alternative Rock (VG+) (VG+) 195 грн
Various Matador Records 2013: It's Been A Business Doing Pleasure With You LP, Comp Alternative Rock (NM) (NM) 345 грн
Various The Funnel Zone LP, Pic, Comp, RE Alternative Rock Mint Mint 395 грн

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